Healthy Homes Heating Requirements for your Rental

Do you live in a rental property?


Are you a landlord?


There’s been a lot of talk about what this new Healthy Homes legislation but what does it mean for you?


The Healthy Homes legislation has officially come into effect as of 1st July 2019 and by 1st July 2021 more than 600,000 homes will have living spaces fitted with a fixed heating device.


The Healthy Homes legislation is aiming to improve the living conditions of rental properties across New Zealand. This legislation aims to improve the quality and warmth of rental properties, reducing draughts, cold and dampness. This in turn will improve the health of the tenants, especially during the winter.


If you’re a landlord, you are going to need to provide fixed heating devices capable of heating living spaces to 18°C. Some homes that already have heating devices might find that these are not enough and so will need to either replace or supply additional fixed heating devices. The fixes heater cannot be an open fire, combustion heater or, for rooms needing more than 2.4kW of heating power, an electric heater. Due to the requirements around the type of fixed heater that qualifies for installation chances are you’re going to need a heat pump. Heat pumps are efficient and cost effective capable of heating and cooling a variety of spaces.


Hitachi offers affordable, premium heat pumps, the perfect option for rental homes. Our Hitachi qualified installers are nationwide and our 6 year warranty is the industries longest. You can be assured in the quality of your Hitachi heat pump.


To find out what heat pump size you’ll need for your rental property access the assessment tool


Once you’ve found the heat pump size you require for your rental property, request a no obligation quote or contact your nearest Hitachi installer directly.

by Hitachi
17 Jul 2019

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