Healthy Homes Assessment with Hitachi

If you are a private landlord you'll probably be aware of the new requirements coming soon for your rental properties.


As of the 1st July 2021, any rental property with a new or renewed tenancy agreement will be subject to meeting the Healthy Homes Standards. A large part of your property meeting this standard is to ensure that a fixed heater, capable of heating the main living room to 18°C, is installed.


Hitachi Heat Pumps are the perfect choice for your rental properties, combining premium comfort at an affordable price. Hitachi's 6 year industry leading warranty on parts and labour will ensure the reliability and long life of the unit. 


Our installers  will quickly and cost effectively help landlords meet your new obligations under the Healthy Homes Guarantees Act with our complete Healthy Home Heating Solution, taking the hassle out of meeting the standards. To get in touch about our Healthy Home Assessment Service, you can contact your nearest installer here.


  • Select your local Hitachi installer.
  • They will provide a free, priority rental property assessment.
  • Onsite, they assess your space using the online healthy home assessment tool.
  • They provide an assessment result, unit recommendation and confirmed quote.
  • Upon agreement, they will promptly arrange a professional installation.


Our Hitachi Heat Pump features include long life, high quality Japanese technology, easy to use controller with power saving features, low temperature operation down to -15°C and a nano titanium air purifying filter, perfect for keeping quality indoor air and suitable for asthmatics.


Hitachi Heat Pumps have a variety of kilowatts available to ensure that we have the unit for your needs.


All of our Wall Mounted units are R32, a low GWP refrigerant that has the environment in mind.


Hitachi is exclusively distributed by Temperzone, NZ's largest, longest serving and most reputable air conditioning manufacturer. Temperzone, a Kiwi company with over 60 years industry experience, fully supports your Hitachi Heat Pump and its 6 year warranty with a comprehensive stock of spare parts and a dedicated customer service team.


by Hitachi
18 Nov 2019

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