Tips to Heat Your Home Efficiently This Winter

Has your power bill increased this winter?


Unsurprisingly, heating is expensive and normally accounts for 30% of a households energy consumption during winter. 


For spaces you need to keep heated regularly, it’s worth thinking about purchasing a fixed heating system such as a heat pump. Heat pumps are more energy efficient than any other form of heating and can help reduce your power bill over the winter months.


Heat pumps are very efficient as they have a very high ratio of heat output to energy input. Hitachi’s heat pumps are incredibly efficient, boasting some of the highest energy star ratings on the market.


Undersized or oversized heat pumps will increase your power usage. To maximise the heat pumps efficiency it’s important to get the right sized heat pump that matches the room size. An undersized heat pump uses more power working harder to maintain the temperature setting. An oversized heat pump will use more energy to operate than required. Hitachi has a wide range of heat pump options with a range of capacities and features available to suit your needs. To find out what size heat pump you need Hitachi’s Heat Pump Sizing Tool will suggest the right options for you. 


In regions where the temperature drops significantly for long periods, like many parts of the South Island, you might want to set your heat pump to a low temperature and keep it running day and night. This can be more economical than turning your heat pump on when you are in the room as it will require a long period time using significant amounts of power to bring the room to the desired temperature turning it on multiple times a day. In milder climates such as the upper North Island it is usually better to only turn the heat pump on when it is needed unless it is very cold. You can purchase Hitachi's premium 7 day remote which allows you to track power usage, this will guide you to the ost efficient way to run your heat pump.


Here are some other tips to keep your heat pump running costs down and system running efficiently.


Decrease your thermostat by a few degrees – adjusting the thermostat down slightly in winter to help the unit save energy and money. Hitachi's offers a 7 day programmable thermostat allowing you to adjust temperature for different times of the day. 
Keep your filter clean – Clogged filters make your heat pump work harder than usual. Cleaning them will mean cleaner air for your home and more efficient air flow, reducing energy consumption and saving you money.
Clean around outdoor condenser unit – keep debris such as leaves and dirt away from the outdoor unit to keep it running efficiently.
Vacuum indoors regularly - this will keep dust around the home to a minimum, keeping your filters cleaner for longer.

If you think you need or would like a maintenance service to keep your unit running efficiently contact your nearest Hitachi dealer here.

by Hitachi
31 Jul 2019

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