How Often Should I Service My Heat Pump?

How often do you use your heat pump?


Do you use it all year round?


Most modern heat pumps are reverse cycle meaning they provide both heating and cooling giving you complete control of your comfort all year round, winter and summer.


The best way to keep your heat pump running efficiently is to keep it well maintained. If you are using your heat pump regularly, you should be getting your heat pump serviced by a credited technician annually to keep it well maintained and operating at its best. If you haven’t had your unit serviced in a while and think it might benefit from some care, then our installers are on hand to help.


In-between services there are steps you can take to make sure your heat pump runs efficiently. Keeping heat pump filters cleaned ensures undisturbed airflow maximising efficiency. Vacuuming to keep dust accumulation minimal is also good practice as it reduced the particles in the air for the filter to remove keeping it cleaner for longer. Keep debris away from your outdoor unit to keep airflow efficient and ensure that any water is free to drain away.


You can contact one of our Hitachi Installers here.

by Hitachi
06 May 2020

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