Warm Homes Helping Respiratory Conditions

A warm, dry home is good for everyone’s health.


If you have a respiratory condition it is even more important to have a healthy home to keep illnesses at bay.


Lots of homes in New Zealand are cold and damp. This can lead to aggravation of respiratory conditions and can increase the frequency of being unwell. Asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses are some of the most common conditions in the world.


The key to keep your family and home healthy is to make sure it is well insulated, ventilated and heated.


Hitachi’s Heat Pumps are a great source of heating for a home, especially with families who suffer from respiratory conditions. Heat Pumps are an efficient, non-polluting and cost effective heating solution that won’t add moisture to your home.


A benefit of having a Hitachi Heat Pump for those with respiratory issues is that they come with a Nano-Titanium Wasabi Air purifying filter. The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano-Titanium and Wasabi solution. This provides a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-allergen and deoderising effect.



Incredibly small and highly dense, Wasabi modified Nano-Titanium particles prevent microbes from passing through and deactivates them effectively. This reduces the amount of bacteria and allergen levels in the home, ensuring quality indoor air helping prevent illnesses.


To get the most out of your heat pump it is important to get a heat pump that fits the space where heating is required. If your heat pump is too small it will struggle to heat the space, using more power and costing your money.


Hitachi’s Sizing Tool can help you choose the right sized heat pump for your space.


For more information about our Hitachi Heat Pumps please contact one of our credited installers here.


More details and features of Wall Mounted units can be found in our brochure here.

by Hitachi
18 Nov 2019

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