What Cooling & Heating System Would Suit Me?

Have you made the decision to buy a new heat pump or air conditioning system?


With loads of options on the market it can be a challenge to find the right solution for you.


We have compiled a brief summary of different cooling and heating systems and the suitable situations for them. We still suggest that the best thing to do is to get in touch with your nearest Hitachi installer, they’ll be able to offer expert advise on what system will be right for you. You can contact one here.


Wall Mounted Systems

Hitachi’s two ranges of wall mounted systems, the contemporary ‘E’ Series and the premium ‘S’ Series.

Our ‘E’ and ‘S’ Series come in a range of capacities from 3.2kW to 9.0kW. These wall mounted systems are good for a home living room, bedroom, small cafes or shops with empty wall spaces.

Both ranges come with a variety of features including titanium air filters, 4 way air flow, eco mode and a comprehensive 6 year warranty.

You can read more about our range and features of our Wall Mounted Systems here.


Floor Mounted Systems

Hitachi’s Floor Mounted Systems come in two kilowatt sizes, a 4.2kW and a 5.0kW.

These are suitable to small rooms which lack wall space. Bedrooms or studies with artwork or shelving on wall space will be suitable for a floor mount.

You can read more about our range and features of Floor Mounted Systems here.


Ducted Systems

Hitachi’s Ducted Systems are lightweight and compact, ideal for tight or challenging installation spaces. Our Ducted Systems range from 5.0kW to 16.0kW, ensuring we have an option to suit your home, shop or small to medium office.

Ducted systems are discreet and are installed throughout the entire home. Hitachi has options suitable for single story or multi story homes and offices. You can adjust temperature settings differently for different areas of the home or office.

You can read more about our range and features of our Ducted Systems here.


Duct EZY

Duct EZY are Hitachi’s ready packaged Ducted Systems. Designing a ducted system is a very technical and specialized process that can be costly. Duct EZY removes this by providing a pre-designed system and kit to ensure premium performance.

Duct Ezy is suitable for a home, shop or office coming in two kilowatt sizes, 8.0kW or 11.2kW systems, these are capable of heating three to four rooms respectively.

You can read more about our range and features of our Duct EZY Sytems here.



Hitachi’s Multi Zone comes in a range of kilowatts with a variety of indoor unit combinations to suit your needs.

Multizone is perfect for a home which requires different indoor units for different rooms. Wall Mounts, Ducted and Ceiling Cassettes are all suited to be used.

You can read more about our range and features of our Multi Zone System here.

by Hitachi
12 Sep 2019

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