What Size Heat Pump Do I Need?

With so many heat pumps out there, it can be a tough job choosing the right one. Hitachi has made it easier with our heat pump Selection Tool. With our two heat pump ranges, the contemporary ‘E’ Series and our premium ‘S’ Series, Hitachi offers the full range of heating and cooling capacities with a multitude of convenient features for any space.


Heat pumps come in a variety of kilowatt sizes suited for different sized rooms. Kilowatts are the amount of power the heat pump puts out. The more square metres in a room the more kilowatts the heat pump needs to be able to output. Correct sizing ensure the heat pump runs efficiently and effectively heats or cools the space. If the heat pump is too small, it will struggle to keep the room at the required temperature and will use more energy to do so. This will end up costing you money and put unnecessary stress on the unit.


An indication for the size of the heat pump needed can be estimated at 0.12kW per square meter. Instead of working it out yourself, you can use Hitachi’s handy heat pump Selection Tool to choose the best heat pump for your room type and size.


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by Hitachi
19 Jul 2019

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