Your Guide to Buying a Hitachi Heat Pump

Here is all you need to know about choosing the right Hitachi product for your home.


Choosing the right unit is key to keeping your home comfortable all year round. Every house is different and so there will be several factors that determine the type and size of unit that should be installed. Our credited Hitachi Dealers will be able to support and assist you in finding the right heating and cooling solution for your home.


Use our Selection Guide.

Our selection tool has been designed to help you get an idea of which heat pump would best fit your home. The size of the space you’re trying to heat or cool will determine what kilowattage the unit will need to be. The selection tool’s simple, select the type of room, the size of the room, your location and then the tool will give you the heat pump models which suit your space. You can access our Selection Guide here.


Visit our Where to Buy page.

Get in touch with one of our credited installers. They will be able to carry out an on-site assessment and advise the best heating and cooling solution for your home. Hitachi has a wide range of residential heating and cooling solutions available. These include heat pumps for single rooms, multi room heat pump systems and multi room or whole of house ducted systems. You can find your nearest Hitachi Installer here.



Once you’ve decided on the unit for the space you can go ahead with the installation. This will be carried out by the installer. The installed unit comes backed by our 6 Year Warranty on parts and labour, giving you absolute confidence in the quality of your heat pump.


Maintenance and Service.

Having your heat pump maintained and serviced regularly is the best way to ensure the systems longevity and maintain its efficient performance.


To service your heat pump, simply get in touch with your installer


To find out what heat pump maintenance you can carry out yourself, read our article on heat pump maintenance here.

by Hitachi
06 May 2020

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