A Cleaner Air Conditioner for a Healthier Indoors

Freeze. Melt. Clean. Our “coolest” technology keeps the inside of your air conditioner cleaner and fresher

While most conventional air conditioners require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance, we saw the potential to create the technology that takes care of it for you. That’s why we developed Hitachi FrostWash™, our new feature that helps your unit’s interior stay cleaner, provides healthier air and keeps running costs lower.

FrostWash™ removes hidden impurities, safely and effortlessly, and improves your indoor air quality

Our FrostWash™ technology minimizes the amount of dust, mold and bacteria that build up on your air conditioner’s heat exchanger. FrostWash™ can reduce the presence of these impurities inside your unit by up to 93%*, promoting healthier air and keeping unpleasant odors at bay.

To do so, FrostWash™ traps the dust and dirt that lands on the heat exchanger by freezing it in the moisture that’s generated during normal operation. The frost is then thawed and flushed hygienically out the unit, carrying the dust, mold and bacteria with it.



Hitachi FrostWash™ is an innovation that helps guard the performance of your air conditioner and the quality of air you breathe at home.


Self-cleaning tech that thinks before it acts

The FrostWash™ cleaning cycle is automatic, starting after a specific number of operating hours have been accumulated. To do so the unit needs to temporarily cease its cooling function. However, nobody wants their air conditioning to start cleaning when it’s being used. That’s why, before initiating, sensor technology ensures that there are no people present in the room to avoid interrupting the comfort of any occupants. In the situation that a user wishes to initiate the cycle themselves, all they need to do is tap the button on the controller.


FrostWash Technology

A premium combination of convenience and comfort

FrostWash™ integrates into Hitachi Cooling & Heating latest generation of premium wall-mounted air conditioners, offering a unique experience of comfort that convenience and one that keeps your unit and your home cleaner and healthier. If you’re interested in the FrostWash™ technology and how it can contribute to a healthy air conditioner and home, find out more about which Hitachi Cooling & Heating models it is featured in. Please contact us to find out the availability in your region.

* Used model:RAK-35RPE / RAC-35WPE Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2019_0154: Reduction effects of Bacteria and Mold were observed by operating FrostWash™ once.