Chiller Systems

RCME & RHME Air Cooled Chillers

Precise and reliable

Precise and reliable

Flexible Installation

The modular system helps make transportation and installation easy. The system can have any combination of 40, 50 and 60 HP units up to a total of 240 HP. Units can be installed in a range of layout formations: straight line, U, L T and Z-shaped configurations.

Fail-Safe Operation

In the event of a faulty chiller, there’s no need to shut down the entire system to make the repair. The failed unit can be fixed while the rest of the system continues operating.

High-Precision Temperature Control

The automatic temperature regulator constantly adjusts the system’s operating capacity between 25% and 100%. This maintains a constant and precise temperature, important in hospitals and industrial process applications.

Available as Cooler Only or Heater-Cooler

The air-water chiller is available in two versions. The RCME version is designed for sites that only need cold air. The RHME version is a reversible heat pump capable of providing both warm and cool air.

Smart Performance

By using a system-wide smart controller combined with individual controllers for each unit, the chiller can accurately adjust to current demand. By using the heat pump option, the system can recover waste energy to provide energy-efficient heating.



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