Chiller Systems

WH Water Cooled Chillers

Adaptable high performance

Adaptable high performance

Flexible Installation

The modular system helps make transportation and installation easy. The system can have any combination of 40, 50 and 60 HP units up to a total of 240 HP. Units can be installed in a range of layout formations: straight line, U, L T and Z-shaped configurations.

High-Precision Temperature Control

The automatic temperature regulator constantly adjusts the compressor, maintaining a precise temperature, avoiding continual start-ups and increasing the system’s life span.

Energy Efficient Operation

Using the heat pump option, the system can recover waste energy to provide energy-efficient heating.



Compact sizing gives you installation options other than the basement, making this system particularly adaptable to different spaces and layouts.


This system is designed for large-scale heating and cooling installations, for example hotels or hospitals, allowing a single system to cover all climate control requirements.



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