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Flexible climate control for urban projects

Flexible climate control for urban projects

Energy Efficient Comfort

These energy efficient units have excellent environmental credentials, with energy efficiency ratios (EER) of up to 4.50 and COP's of up to 4.59, for the highest performing models.

Combine Different Units

Choose the best unit for up to 12 independent spaces by combining any mix of indoor units including wall mounted, ducted or cassette, centrally or individually controlled

Noise Reduction Mode

The system runs per capacity requirement; meanwhile, both compressor and fan speeds are adjusted to lower the noise.

Slim and Lightweight Body

With a maximum depth of 390mm, the unit light weight, compact design makes transportation and installation easy, saving costs and time.

Motion Sensor Kit

It senses the amount of human activity, undertakes automatic saving and achieves intelligent energy saving.

Control Systems

Providing a range of easy to use control systems that are centralised or individual to achieve optimum comfort.



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